Take the Initiative in Your State

Players across the country have been waiting patiently for the internet poker industry, local gaming interests, and state governments to get it together and enact legislation that would allow us the game, in a safe and regulated environment. Unfortunately, that wait has been long and disappointing for all but a few states. It doesn't appear to be improving on its own.

Because this is truly a consumer protection and public safety issue, the people can and should step up and advance legislation at the state capitols. The iPoker Initiative is here to help players step up their advocacy in an organized direction, with the goal being getting legislation introduced to give us back the freedom to play the game.

If you have the ambition to take up the campaign for internet poker in your state, we would like to help you get started. Based on the effort of iPokerWA in Washington State, we have created a template that you can follow in your state, one that demonstrates a congruous effort towards a common goal. Contact us and let us help you get started!