Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Pursuing Consensus Bills

Expanding upon a concept proposed by Washington State iPoker Advocate Curtis Woodard, this site is established to aim for the goal of regulated poker in all fifty states. It is the hope of all involved that this effort will gain momentum and we will begin seeing bills pushed by players and introduced in state legislatures across the country.

As different states are going to have different conditions to take into consideration, a single, one size fits all bill is not going to work. But with the right approach, we believe we can put together just a few different models, each designed to meet certain needs, and all able to work together towards shared liquidity.

For states with established gaming control boards, the Washington Model can be adapted to allow those states to regulate as they see fit, following the network approach that will allow for shared liquidity on common platforms, and with authority to enter agreements with other states.

For states with no established gaming control board, we will promote a bill that allows those states to enter into agreements with states that have established online gambling regulation, to allow for players to join those player pools.

Specific language of the two bills will be state dependent.